On Purpose Associate Programme in London, UK – October 2018 (£22.5k salary)

On Purpose Associate Programme in London, UK – October 2018 (£22.5k salary)

Deadline: May 27, 2018

Want a career with purpose? Apply for On Purpose Associate Programme – a year-long leadership programme that allows you to transition into the social impact space.

The Associate Programme transforms your career. It’s a way to learn on the job, doing real work in purpose-led organisations, while at the same time going through an intensive learning programme with a community of like-minded professionals.

Programme Details

Associates can help with discrete projects as well as learning about the day-to-day running of the organisation.

  • Placements: you’ll work in two different organisations over the course of the year and get hands on experience.
  • Training: experts in their field, from diverse sectors, share their knowledge and experience with you every Friday afternoon.
  • Mentors & Coaches: you meet a mentor fortnightly who guides and challenges you to add value in your placement. You meet an executive coach every quarter focused on your personal development.
  • The community: we bring together our growing community though engaging events and a close social network

You’ll work in two different placements for six months each on organisational priorities and be expected to quickly make a difference. Placement hosts are social enterprises, social divisions of for-profit companies or commercially-minded charities.

In each placement you will be assigned to one nominated manager who will help ensure that both you and the placement organisation benefit from your experience. You will meet this manager at least once a week. In addition, On Purpose provides help through mentoring, the training programme and your peers.


  • £22.5k salary during a year packed full of training and personal development
  • 2 x 6 months placements delivering projects in different purpose-driven organisations
  • 284 hours of training, mentoring, coaching and a residential to support and inspire you

On Purpose offers a unique combination of on-the-job experience, rigorous training by both professionals and academics and access to powerful networks. The mentoring and coaching add an extra layer to create a comprehensive learning experience beyond that of other academic or training programmes.

They will certainly help you find a job after On Purpose.


On Purpose is designed to provide opportunities for anyone who has at least two years’ work experience, regardless of what sector that experience is in.

  • Motivation and persistence: the ability to turn ideas into reality and seize opportunities, to challenge yourself and set goals, and knowing when to compromise or when to involve others
  • Interpersonal skills: persuading, bringing along and inspiring others, whilst also dealing effectively and sensitively with conflict
  • Attitudes and mindsets: retaining high expectations, an open mind and an eagerness to experience new things; being pragmatic, self-sufficient, and comfortable with changing situations. Ability to articulate your commitment to work in the social sector
  • Problem solving: structuring and breaking down complex problems into solvable elements, whilst not losing sight of the big picture; being comfortable with quantitative analysis and mental arithmetic


The application process has two steps: first you submit an online application and if they think you might be a good fit for the programme they invite you to interview in-person.

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For more information, visit On Purpose.